Last year Nokia and FarFar created a faux tailor shop (Henry Needle & Sons) to show off the Nokia N95. This year, they have created yet another engaging micro-site to promote Nokia’s latest N-series phones and the N-Gage platform. This new site is well worth visiting even if you’re not in the market for a new mobile.

Get Out and Play is based off the Nokia game “Snakes” and features over 1,000 people in a very cool stop-motion animation. No special effects, similar to Sprint’s “light drawings.” There is even a great interactive game featuring the stop motion characters. All this goodness is to promote Nokia but again, regardless of your interest in their products this site is worth visiting.

Part of Nokia\'s microsite for their N-gage phones.

Credits: FarFar


Modernista’s latest site is not a site at all. Instead it makes the most of the current Web 2.0 services. It employs Flickr for it’s print portfolio, YouTube for it’s motion work, for it’s web work and Google for it’s news section. All the while you are experiencing their site…at least according to the page title and Modernista’s main navigation sittig in the top left of the window.

Great PR. Smartly executed. And more then a bit ironic as Modernista boast that they are focused in building brands and brand experiences. Their portfolio makes this clear but their site…not so much. Their site downplays the brand experience by co-opting the experiences of other sites to make theirs. Still great marketing and totally demonstrates that they “get” Web 2.0.

takesĀ over


Nike: Viral Blogging

March 24, 2008

Nike is known for innovation both in their shoes and sports gear as well as in their marketing. Today I ran across one of their latest online promotions for their Nike ID series of customizable sneakers. It’s a smart little widget that people can embed on their blog or social network. From there it connects to Nike and when a user clicks on the image/ad it displays a well designed page take over. Which when the video is done playing takes you to either the next blog in the campaign or to Nike’s promotional website.

To add to the viral nature of the campaign, every site with the embed script is displayed as a path on the promotional site which allows visitors to click on the image of the blog and goto that site and watch the promo. Though the user can’t remain on that site as the functionality is the same as when the user clicks on the image/ad (as mentioned above). So far there were over 7,500 blogs being displayed on the Nike Promotional site. I’d say it’s working for Nike.

Nike Viral


Seems as though Sony has been busy promoting their Bravia LCD line. This one comes from Egypt, featuring the famous pyramids and colorful ribbons. It’s also a nice nod to their original commercial with the rubber balls.

Sony has released their third commercial in their Bravia LCD campaign. This one features hundreds of animated bunny bouncing about New York City. All done with stop-frame animation done and Play-Doh, including the 30″ bunny at the end.

They have also released a new site to get you behind the scenes and cleaner version of the video then what YouTube offers.

link: Sony Bravia

For anyone that has a little one running about the house, you know how great it is to find something they like that doesn’t drive you up the wall. Friends of mine ban Barney for that very reason, but they failed to preview the Wiggles before letting their kids see it and got stuck watching repeat episodes of the Wiggles for an hour or so a day…much worse. Anyway, Minuscule is different. First off, it’s French, but there are no words spoken so language barriers are non-existent. Secondly, it revolves around bugs, cute ones at that. To top it off, the visuals and stories are well done for both a child and an adult. The colors are bright and the visuals are detailed, yet simple. Sample a video or two at their web site:

Plump Caterpillar

Like the videos I’ve seen, the web site is attractively done as well. I’m not such a fan of the semi-hidden navigation nor the miniature, unlabeled navigation on the right. That aside, it does a good job of connecting with the look and feel of the series. Between the sample video and the jovial nature of the site, you quickly see why your kids will enjoy them. Even more impressive (for design nerds, like myself) is the attention to detail. If visiting during the day, the site will display blue skies. If visiting in the evening, you’re instead welcomed by sunset hues. And this goes for atmospheric audio and the sub-pages as well. Even though this is a relatively simple change, it shows you they really put time and effort into creating an experience, rather than just another brochure site.

Home page (evening)

Home page (night)

Site credits: NAPAO

To launch the new A5 Audi took a quote from Frank Rimili, a member of the A5 design team and made it into an experience. From the intro and interactive experience, the site totally focuses on smooth and stylish. Only after you get some play time can you get some dirt on the A5, well a link to where you can find out more. This site is all about the lines, no hard sell after the sweetness. So enjoy it.

Rhythm of Lines - Audi